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Accelerated Development through Effective Development

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We provide accelerated development through effective development Processes, Frameworks and Guidance.

Software Solutions

This is aligned with the 'software factory' methodology. This makes it easier to convert customer value into business revenue in a time-efficient manner.

Sevices Engagement Model

Microsoft Development

We also provide an offsite environment for developing Microsoft technology applications. The software factory environment provides the highest level of productivity and efficiency. 

These results are achieved through 3 key areas

Agile Teams

  • Larger teams are broken down into smaller “Feature teams” led by a feature leader.
  • Daily stand up meetings allow teams to report on daily progress.
  • Strong build disciplines and source control management all display a maturity of “Software Change Management”.


  • Pre Sales Technical
  • Application / Solution Architecture
  • IT Governance
  • Process / Methodology

Desktop Support & Network installation

  • Moved to a new premises? No problem, we can install all IT infrastructure from ethernet cables to network switches and security appliances. We even provide desktop support.

Microsoft Services

  •  .NET
  • WCF/WPF/
  • Windows Smart Clients
  • System Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • iOS/Android/Windows Mobile Development
  • Azure Dev ops
  • Sharepoint developers
  • Office and Microsoft 365
Valuable Consulting

We are geared to provide valuable consulting services to our customers. We accomplish this by having experienced professionals to help you develop your business.

Team Players

We provide services in the upper 2 bands (see below). Our consultants are able to work with and mentor your team thereby creating sustainable solutions.

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